Currently the internet and its services have become essential in everyone’s life. Not only for entertainment, but also for business. Since it is such a present and important resource in our daily lives, it is necessary for providers to be certain that the equipment and services in their networks are working with 100% of the efficiency and security for which they were developed.

Some of the main issues that IT teams face. face today are the slowness and interruption of services that causes headaches because they are problems that are usually only noticed when customers start calling complaining.

As the amount of traffic used by companies tends to increase and fill up the available network bandwidth, which ends up impairing performance on links with more traffic, it is necessary that this type of problem be identified in advance so that the company can work around it. the problem before it even occurs.

For this reason and many others, infrastructure monitoring exists. In addition to helping to prevent failures, monitoring also makes possible procedures such as:

Maintenance cost reduction – Monitoring makes it possible to standardize the operation of equipment/links on the network, making it simpler to detect equipment/links that could cause problems on the network, making the need for preventive maintenance more visible.

Improved return on investment – Increasing bandwidth or contracting new links is not cheap, to avoid this type of expense unnecessarily, it is possible to use the data obtained from monitoring to optimize the network, making it used in the most efficient way possible.

Fault detection – By deploying 24/7 infrastructure monitoring it is possible to detect the most common faults in the network and define a routine to effectively deal with them or even fix them permanently depending on the case.

Infrastructure monitoring is essential for providers and service providers as it makes it possible for the company to have more return on its investments and be prepared for possible problems in the network, thus being able to expand its horizons and invest in new ventures in the market.

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