Towards the Future of Multivendor Management for CPEs and IoTs: TR-069 to TR-369


In the increasingly interconnected landscape of modern technology, efficient and unified device management has become crucial. The evolution of the TR-069 protocol to TR-369 marks a crucial point in this journey, opening new doors for service providers and end users. In this article, we’ll explore the transition from TR-069 to TR-369 and the significant impact this has on device management in an increasingly connected world.

TR-069 to TR-369 transition

TR-069 —> TR-369: The Future of Device Management

The CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), known as TR-069, was a milestone in Internet providers’ ability to deliver services in an agile and efficient manner, guaranteeing proactive and secure network management. However, with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the growing demand for interconnected devices, it has become clear that this protocol needs to evolve.

The TR-369, also known as the User Services Platform (USP), is the answer to this need for evolution. Jointly developed by a range of renowned companies and institutions, including Google, Nokia, Huawei and others, the TR-369 promises to be flexible, secure, scalable and standardized to meet the demands of an increasingly connected world.

Challenges and Opportunities of the Internet of Things

The growing demand for interconnected environments, such as smart homes and cloud-based environments, has brought with it a series of challenges and opportunities. Monetizing IoT devices has become a priority for many companies, leading to proprietary solutions that, while understandable, contribute to a poor and limited ecosystem.

TR-369 has emerged as a solution to these challenges, offering an open and interoperable standard that promotes healthy competition, continuous innovation and cost savings for service providers and end users.

The Future of Device Management: TR-369 in Action

With the implementation of TR-369, service providers can expect more efficient and unified device management, regardless of vendor. The flexibility and scalability of TR-369 ensure that solutions based on this standard are prepared for the challenges of the future, keeping up to date and adaptable to new technologies and market demands.


As we move towards an increasingly interconnected future, The evolution from TR-069 to TR-369 is a crucial step in the journey towards efficient, unified device management. With the support of leading companies and institutions in the sector, the TR-369 promises to revolutionize the way devices are managed in an increasingly connected world.

Prepare for the future of device management with the TR-369 and discover the benefits of a multi-vendor approach for CPEs and IoTs.

Meet OktopUSP: The Revolution in Device Management

As official sponsors of the project, Made4it is pleased to present the OktopUSP an innovative project developed by the company Oktopus, led by Leandro Antonio Farias Machado. This project promises to revolutionize the way internet providers and IT integrators manage their devices, offering remote control, powerful insights and a future-proof solution.


OktopUSP was created to enable internet providers and IT integrators to use the full potential of their products. With robust features and a multi-vendor approach, OktopUSP enables:

  • Gain valuable insights from the network
  • Control devices remotely
  • Implement a future-proof protocol
  • Use a solution created and approved by large companies
  • Access to a well-tested solution
  • Reduce stress with network configurations
  • Avoiding dependence on just one supplier
  • Identify problems before the customer complains
  • Choose between a cloud or on-premise solution
  • Easily integrate with other systems via an open API


OktopUSP offers cloud or on-premises management, allowing you to access your devices from anywhere and receive real-time alerts, without having to modify your network topology.


Don’t become a hostage to a single supplier with specific and costly solutions. With OktopUSP, you can control your mixed device park reliably and securely.


With more than 350 parameters for Wi-Fi configuration and the flexibility to monitor various IoT devices, OktopUSP gives you complete control over your wireless network.

We’ll be bringing you more details about OktopUSP soon, and we’re also proud to announce that Made4Graph will include management via TR-369 in addition to TR-069. Stay tuned for our updates so you don’t miss out on anything new!

The future in Made4it solutions

In Made4Graph it is already possible to carry out comprehensive management via the TR-069, allowing network providers and administrators to monitor and control their devices easily and effectively. In addition, the platform is preparing for the future, with plans to implement management via TR-369 soon. This transition between the two protocols is proof of Made4it’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that keep pace with the constantly evolving demands of the market. With the ongoing support and updates offered by Made4Graph, network providers and administrators can be confident that they are prepared to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that the future of CPE and IoT management presents.

Stay tuned for our updates!
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