The Importance of Made4Flow’s New AntiDDoS Decoders

In recent months, our technical team has seen an alarming increase in DDoS attacks of the Carpet bombing type, characterized by intense traffic spikes generally directed at all IP addresses belonging to the ASN. These attacks have negatively impacted network connectivity, presenting an additional challenge in evading detection by many conventional DDoS security systems. Unlike […]

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Updates – Made4Graph and Made4Flow – 5/22

Made4Flow – Version 2.0.4 Additions: Added the possibility to view the traffic of all CDNs at once Changes: Changed the color scheme on CDN traffic distribution graphs Fixes: Fixed returning logs after restarting Anti-DDoS Fixed timeout in BGP route action in Anti-DDoS Correction in the collection of interfaces via SNMPv3, the security level used for […]

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