Launch Made4Flow v2

We are very proud to announce the release of version 2 of Made4Flow and Anti-DDoS. Bringing several improvements, this version brings new features and optimizations. With a much more attractive look and interactive dashboard customization option, Made4Flow v2 stands out with its much more polished and refined interface, and also much faster and dynamic compared to its predecessor.

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New version Made4Flow

Another version of the made4flow software, we had some changes in this update, we are always bringing news according to the main needs of our customers. Shall we check the update of this version? Version 1.3.4 (26/07/2022) Added Added new screen to view attacks dampened by Anti-DDoS This new screen has been added that shows […]

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Netflow Configuration on Juniper Routers

Hello Today we will break down how to configure your Juniper router to export Netflow (jFlow). At the end of the article is the configuration using IPFIX (Netflow v10). Here we have the Network topology and the Netflow Server information These are the steps needed to configure a Juniper Router to export Netflow v5 Configure […]

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