Made4Flow is a Network Traffic Analysis software using the Netflow protocol.
Unlike traditional network monitoring software like Zabbix or Cacti, which use SNMP, Made4Flow has the ability to demonstrate through Netflow the information based on Source or Destination ASN, Prefix, Application and Protocol.

We are constantly building and developing new functions within the software, following the evolution of the market, bringing new features and also meeting the needs of our customers.

And we are very proud to announce the release of version 2 of Made4Flow and Anti-DDoS. Bringing several improvements, this version brings new features and optimizations. With a much more attractive look and interactive dashboard customization option, Made4Flow v2 stands out with its much more polished and refined interface, and also much faster and dynamic compared to its predecessor.

Made4Flow v2 Main Dashboard.

With Made4Flow v2 it is now possible to access the functionalities in a much faster and easier way, developed with the Laravel framework that made it possible to bring more efficiency and agility to the processes.

Main differences between Flow v1 and V2

Functionality Flow v1 Flow v2
100% on premise installation.🚫
HTTP2 protocol support.🚫
Creation of interactive dashboards.🚫
Optimization of dashboard loading time.🚫
Top N statistics in the raw data.🚫
Support for multiple attack buffers.🚫
Support for multiple samplings in Anti-DDoS.🚫

With a 100% on-premise installation, the client will no longer be in danger of losing access to the system if it receives an attack on its network.

When the subject is security Made4Flow v2 gives a show of its own, with its end-to-end encryption our system guarantees that all data will be secure and encrypted, and not only that, aiming to work with the most secure and fastest protocols, we developed Made4Flow v2 using the HTTP/2 for better performance.

Anti-DDoS working with your traffic in real time.

The version of Anti-DDoS v2 also comes with new improvements, such as support for multiple attack buffers, multiple samplings, and also top statistics on raw data.

Don’t waste any more time and check out the new version of Made4Flow now via the link below:

password: demo@demo

Any questions regarding the software and in case of suggestions for new functions, please contact our team