Interconnecting two Virtual Systems (VS) on Huawei NE platform (Interconnecting 2 virtual routers on Huawei NE)

The other way to link… Interconnecting two VS via VPN VPWS CCC # Admin-VS ! Side L2 Admin-VS Virtual-Ethernet0/2/100 interface ve-group 100 l2-terminate Virtual-Ethernet0/2/100,100 interface vlan-type dot1q 100 ! Side L2 VS1 Virtual-Ethernet0/2/200 interface ve-group 200 l2-terminate Virtual-Ethernet0/2/200.100 interface vlan-type dot1q 100 ! MPLS CCC VPWS Interconnectionccc test interface Virtual-Ethernet0/2/100,100 tagged out-interface Virtual-Ethernet0/2/200,100 tagged # […]

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Netflow Configuration on Huawei Routers

Hello Today we will break down how to configure your Huawei router to export Netflow (Netstream IP). Here we have the Network topology and the Netflow Server information These are the steps required to configure the Huawei Router to export Netflow v5/v9 via Netstream IP Configure the NTP Server Configure the slot to export information […]

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