Another version of the made4flow software, we had some changes in this update, we are always bringing news according to the main needs of our customers. Shall we check the update of this version?

Version 1.3.4 (26/07/2022)


  • Added new screen to view attacks dampened by Anti-DDoS

This new screen has been added that shows registered attacks, but which did not turn into anomalies, as well as showing the number of attacks per period, traffic details and, finally, the packets captured in a given attack.

  • Added action logs in Anti-DDoS

A customer had reported that the route expired on its own and it was not possible to verify what actually happened as we had no system logs. With the addition of logs it is possible to have an idea of ​​the actions carried out in the system to verify if it was a bug or someone’s action.


  • Fixed loss of raw data from routers
  • Adjusted data ordering in raw data
  • Adjusted the filter on the raw data for the other option
  • Fixed responsiveness of action buttons in Anti-DDoS
  • Fixed data aggregation for charts generated with periods greater than 2 months
  • Fixed incorrect BGP route expiration if there is another one with the same target currently active in Anti-DDoS
  • Adjusted read-only user viewing permissions in Anti-DDoS
  • Fixed deletion of BGP peers in Anti-DDoS
  • Fixed loss of BGP routes on Anti-DDoS restart
  • Adjusted the prefix limit per threshold in Anti-DDoS
  • Fixed AS Globo destination top ASNs chart

Those were the last sprint updates, you can check all previous versions and updates on the Made4it Wiki.

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