Now that you already know the importance and benefits of a local CDN cache (if you still don’t know, check out: “What is it, why and why CDN cache?”
Let’s introduce what we need and how we acquire the NETFLIX CDN cache, also known as OCA (Open Connect Appliance):

Minimum bandwidth!

Since Netflix will need to invest in expensive hardware for you, it needs to be profitable for them too!

Today in Brazil it is necessary to have at least 5GB/s of traffic with Netflix.


“I get a lot of other content bundled together in transit, how can I be sure how much traffic I have with Netflix?”

In order to be able to accurately identify how much traffic we have with Netflix, we need a tool that allows the detailed analysis of the origin and destination of the packets traveling there. For this we recommend Made4Flow!

That allows us to visualize the traffic of the main contents.

There are also several other means that allow the visualization of WHERE we learned the traffic:

A field with more details on Netflix consumption specifically:

We visualize traffic originating from Cache CDN (OCA) servers or traffic with Netflix

How much Netflix traffic represents from our network total.

Where do we receive traffic from Netflix and even if it is used by us or an ASN client

Made4flow has many other applications to give you the best visibility of your traffic.

“I THINK I already have or am close to the necessary traffic with Netflix, when are they going to come here to offer the service?”

Unfortunately they won’t, you need to go after them!

And you need to make sure you meet the requirements before applying, otherwise they might put you on hold for a few months until your next application.

Contact them through the Appliance Request, through the link:

Please fill in the form with extra attention to the fields in the images below:

After that, in a few days Netflix will give its answer and more details about the delivery of the Hardware, which is usually:

1u (smallest model) or 2u (largest model) server

With 2 or 4 ports of 10GB/s (Optical)

You can see the complete description of the hardware in the link:

After ordering, remember to meet the bandwidth, interconnection, power and rack space requirements, which can be validated at the link

In the next posts we will have more details on how to perform requests from other CDN caches and much more!

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