To understand this question, let’s remember how Zabbix works.

Zabbix is ​​an open-source monitoring software, with it we can monitor our assets in different ways, with SNMP protocol, via Zabbix Agent, HTTP/S, with external scripts, and so on….

When we install and configure Zabbix, we see several templates ready to be able to monitor equipment of different brands and models, with them we have items, discovery rules, triggers, graphics all to be applied to the host, but it is logical that we can always improve what already exists and add even more.

However, even adding your host in Zabbix, selecting the correct template and starting monitoring it, it’s no use if there is no one to follow this monitoring. We need someone who is always keeping an eye on the incidents, the hosts’ charts, the data collected, to identify any possible problems.

Just imagine! During your working hours, you always monitor the graphs of your links contracted with upstreams, but after your working hours, during peak hours, one of your links starts to hit the contracted maximum and affects internet delivery to your end customers, or a port of one of its equipment arrives at maximum capacity with the growth that has occurred in recent months. This could be avoided if there was someone ready to act when unexpected behavior was found in monitoring.

We even have the possibility of creating several dashboards as well and adding graphs, incident history and everything else to facilitate this monitoring, but without someone keeping an eye on the monitoring when something like this happens, it becomes useless.

One of our services, Made4NOC, does just that. We have our monitoring team at your disposal, it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is always on the lookout for each monitoring of the assets present in our Zabbix.

In addition, whenever an incident occurs or our team encounters unexpected behavior, it is prepared to take action, whether calling our consultancy, contacting the customer, whatever is necessary so that we can resolve everything as soon as possible.