First of all, it is necessary to understand what a NOC is. NOC (Network Operation Center) is the Network Operations Center, which can be one or more locations where network monitoring or management takes place. Using tools to collect data about equipment and services, the NOC is able to identify failures and quickly find ways to repair these failures.

Infrastructure monitoring is essential because it makes the maintenance and management process more dynamic, since its priority is to ensure that the network is running as efficiently as possible. Avoiding problems such as unnecessary expenses, service interruption, and slow service delivery.

To better understand how the NOC facilitates network management, let’s imagine a scenario in which an ISP is facing problems with increasing bandwidth demand, even though it has links that can handle such demand. In this case let’s assume that the problem lies in the fact that the network is unbalanced, i.e. all traffic is trying to pass through the same link, which makes this link a bottleneck.

With effective monitoring this kind of problem would be easily detected and corrected, avoiding the inconvenience of angry customers calling to complain about the quality of the service and even avoiding the loss of some of these customers. Besides helping to identify the problem, the NOC also facilitates the understanding of the problem, making the support team’s action quicker.

Usually support teams know there is a problem, but most of the time they do not know where the problem is, which results in a longer time to solve the problem. If a NOC is analyzing the network, the failure can be identified even before it affects service delivery. For example, a link that is coming close to its maximum capacity, equipment that is experiencing cooling system failures, servers that are coming close to their maximum memory capacity. All of this is identified by monitoring, making the need for preventive maintenance more visible and avoiding future problems.

NOC is not simple monitoring, an efficient NOC team means care for the network and consideration for the customers that hire their services. Having a monitoring goes far beyond knowing what is happening on the net, as it enables you to expand your horizons and focus on new areas.

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