Here are this week’s news and updates for our Netflow Traffic Analysis Software, Made4Flow:

New Dashboard

With the new dashboard it is possible to have an overview of all the Traffic that passes through the Routers of your infrastructure

New Made4Flow Dashboard

With it it is very simple to know your total traffic, your total IPv4 and Total IPv6 traffic 🙂

New Graphics

New graphics have been added:

New Made4Flow Graphics

– Total Traffic

Total Traffic – For access between Charts -> Total Traffic

– Total IPv4 Traffic

Total IPv4 Traffic – For access between Graphs -> IPv4

– Total IPv6 Traffic

Total IPv6 Traffic – For access between Graphs -> IPv6

– Total Traffic per ASN

Total Traffic per ASN – For access between Charts -> ASN

– Total Traffic per Prefix

Total Traffic per Prefix – For access between Charts -> Prefixes

They have been updated as well:

– Backend process improvements
– Bugfixes on certain charts with specific data

These were the improvements, if you have suggestions for improvements send an email to our commercial team: comercial@made4it.com.br.

See you next time!