We have been focusing on a new feature in made4flow software, our Netflow analysis software and these are the available updates:

Version 1.3.2 (06/14/2022)


  • Added HTML editor in Anti-DDoS E-Mail action.

Previously, the option to customize the email template was added, this new feature came to facilitate the customization of the template.

  • Added confirmation modal in actions to delete/clean Anti-DDoS backups.

A backup deletion confirmation window was added, because previously when clicking on the button the backup was already deleted directly, this functionality came to avoid errors of miss clicking on the button.

  • Added Anti-DDoS version number on apply settings screen.

It is now possible to check if the local antiDDoS version is synchronized with the latest version in the Cloud.

Those were the latest updates from Made4Flow. If you have any suggestions or needs, we can help you, either at Made4flow or Made4graph, contact our commercial team and let’s talk about how we can help you.

All changes and corrections are in our made4it Wiki that you can also follow through this address: https://wiki.made4it.com.br.

We are available for any questions or suggestions, talk to us.