The Made4graph software has received changes made by the Made4it development team.

Made4graph is a software for PPPoE client management and TR-069 management, its main objective is to centralize information and enable actions to be taken within a single software to facilitate the service to its final client. Let’s see what’s new from Made4graph:


  • Added cache in query by CPE in TR-069.
  • Added new client report using public IP. (Put the access path for this report, e.g. Menu -> Reports -> Report name. Ask Marcos for this path or where it is in the system)
  • Added new interaction options on the home dashboard.

Now you can have full transparency of your dashboard data, when you click on any graph you get the data that makes up these values, you will be able to see customers with IPv6, and not only that, you will also be able to see customers with public IPv4, private, CGNAT and even take a report of customers without IPv6 to help in their implementation projects.


  • Fixed realtime connection timing on Juniper routers.
  • Fixed editing extract columns for users logged in via LDAP.

These are the latest Made4graph changes, we are constantly bringing new features to the software to stay ahead of the needs of the market and our customers.
If you have any questions about this update, please contact our support team and to learn more about the Made4graph Software, schedule a demo with our commercial team through the phones: ( 43) 3047-8340 or WhatsApp: +554398485-4013 or

Thank you and until the next updates!