At the beginning of July, Made4graph received more improvements, with new updates and tweaks that will improve our customers’ experience with the software.
Let’s see what features were added to made4graph in its latest updates?!

Version 2.2.3 (07/06/2022)


  • Added new RBX/RouterBox API integration for TR-069.

RBX or RouterBox is a management system for internet providers and now our TR-069 customers are able to integrate both services:

  • Added the option to change credentials and access port to the CPE via TR-069.

Aiming at security while using the TR-069, we now allow you to configure access to the CPE, limiting internal users who will have access to taking actions within the CPE

  • Added the option to change PPPoE login and password of a CPE via TR-069.

When changing the PPPoE credentials in the ERP/System, the CPE still tries to access the login with the old credentials, with this functionality, after changing the System/ERP, just access the TR menu and insert the new PPPoE credentials for the CPE to perform the correct login.

  • Added the option to perform CPE port forwarding via TR-069.

With this functionality it is possible to configure port forwarding without the need to access the CPE interface, just using the TR-069 module.

Those were the latest updates from Made4graph. If you have any suggestions or needs, we can help you, either at Made4flow or Made4graph, contact our commercial team and let’s talk about how we can help you.

All changes and corrections are in our made4it Wiki that you can also follow through this address:

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