The new version of made4graph is now available, the last update included adjustments and new functions within the software to simplify the daily processes of providers.

The development team has focused on making the functionality of the TR069 even more common for providers and thus centralizing all actions within our software.


Version 2.2.4 (26/07/2022)


  • Added direct link to CPE when clicking on a TR-069 notification.

Through this direct link, the user is directed to the screen containing the CPE’s, but this screen will only show the respective CPE that the action was performed (basically redirects and filters)

  • Added ping task from CPE to any IP via TR-069.

A new tab was added in my TR called Diagnostics, with the CPE ping and traceroute functions for any IP, in this case it is possible to specify the number of hops, the desired ip and the maximum response time

  • Added traceroute task from CPE to any IP via TR-069.

  • Added notice on PPPoE User/Password change via TR-069.
  • Added port forwarding support for other CPE models in TR-069.
  • Added option to view the history of total connected clients filtering by NAS.

With this addition, it is possible to verify the number of clients connected by NAS, since previously it was possible to verify the number of total clients, not differentiating by NAS, in order to facilitate some analysis/decision making

  • Added a new route in the API for realtime consumption with the client’s bandwidth control parameters.
  • Added in the “Devices” tab of TR-069, the information of User, Password and Access port without opening modal.

  • Added a specific tab for TR-069 settings in the global parameters.


  • Fixed connection time on extract for connections with more than 1 year.
  • Fixed pagination error in extracts for MySQL databases.
  • Adjusted radius log search by specific user in client dash.
  • Adjusted report by PDF in the extract of active connections.

All information for this update is on the made4it wiki

If you still have any questions or interest in knowing more about our PPPoE client management software, please contact our team 43 9 8485-4013 or