Thinking about how to make our customers’ work even easier, the new Made4Flow integration with Telegram was launched last month.

Telegram is a messaging app, with no business models involving ads or stores. The same application serves all types of users who want to exchange quick messages and make voice and video calls. It is the main alternative to WhatsApp and very widespread to send alerts from Zabbix and other monitoring tools.

In our new integration it is possible to send DDoS Attack alerts directly to a Telegram Group or, if you prefer, to several groups.

The configuration of the integration is very quick and simple and can be done through the configuration web interface. For configuration access our Wiki through the link: COLOCAR_O_LINK_DIRETO HERE and check out how easy it is to configure

In addition to the integration with Telegram, this version also adds functions to Made4Flow:


  • Added test button in “Edit group in Telegram” to validate its working.
  • Possibility of creating several Telegram groups and associating them with another action.
  • Added in “Configuration -> Status – Server” the insertion of all collectors.


  • Cosmetic changes to the “Status – Server” screen.

To see all the latest updates, access our wiki through this link or, if you prefer, come and learn about Made4Flow by accessing our demo version, through the link in this link.

If you have any questions about the updates, you can also contact our support via WhatsApp, E-mail or the ticket portal.