To start this article, I would like to describe what are the Clandestine Internet Providers, or also called “Illegal Internet”.

Clandestine providers / Illegal Internet are usually created by individuals or legal entities that hire an Internet Link that is not recommended and generally do not have licenses from government authorities to resell internet. Usually they hire a residential link and share or sell it to their neighbors, friends, etc.

Clandestine providers, in addition to being illegal (according to art. 183 of Law Nº. 9,472 (General Telecommunications Law – LGT), can bring risks to our networks, as most of the time they are done by people without the necessary technical knowledge to maintain a network with good configuration practices. In many cases, Illegal Internet ends up being the target of DDoS attacks, causing negative effects for its provider.

If a customer is identified at your provider who is committing such practices, legal means can be used to stop such practices.

However, how do we identify a customer who is using these practices to share or sell illegal internet?

With the Made4graph tool, we were able to visualize the customers with the highest bandwidth usage:


We can also check the customer’s real-time graph along with the complete usage extract, showing us the consumption in each period that he was connected:

With this information we were able to make some comparisons with other customers who have the same amount of bandwidth contracted.

If there is a big difference in usage between customers, we have an indication that this user is illegally sharing the Internet. Another observation that we can make is using the Customer’s Historical Graph, in which we will see a similarity with graphs from an ISP, where the greatest traffic occurs between 19:00 and 22:00 hours.

It’s important that the internet provider takes care of your network in advance so you don’t have to deal with even bigger problems!

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Gelso Baltazar | Consultant