With Cisco InterCloud, customers can create secure hybrid clouds and extend their existing data center to encompass public clouds, as needed and on demand. Connect on-premises data center infrastructure to multiple service providers and leverage flexible pay-as-you-grow capability. As a result, reduce costs and speed up resource delivery.

Features and functionality

Cisco InterCloud is a highly secure, open, and flexible solution that offers complete freedom in positioning workloads according to business needs. The solution guarantees the same security, quality of service (QoS), and network access control policies as the data center for public clouds. As more capacity is added, there is no division between the internal and external cloud.

Key features include:

  • Hybrid resource consumption via self-service with end-user and IT portals
  • Workload provisioning and bi-directional migration between on-premises and cloud resources
  • Complete security with consistent policy enforcement across the hybrid cloud
  • A single point of management and control for physical and virtual workloads across multiple private and public clouds.
  • Options to choose between cloud providers and hypervisors


The components of the InterCloud solution are: InterCloud Director, InterCloud Secure Fabric and InterCloud Provider Enablement Platform. Use these three components together to build and migrate application workloads between public and private clouds.

InterCloud Director provides a single console for users to provision workloads for private and public clouds. In addition, portals for end users and IT help enable self-service consumption of hybrid cloud resources, and policy management in hybrid cloud environments.

The InterCloud Secure Fabric creates connectivity between multiple clouds. It helps ensure that migrating workloads establish connections in a highly secure manner by enforcing all workload-specific network and security policies.

The InterCloud Provider Enablement Platform is a virtual appliance, deployed and managed by cloud providers. Add providers quickly without creating or adding their APIs. The virtual appliance provides visibility into the provider’s environment and helps enable the integration of enterprise workloads with the provider’s cloud.

Product Offers

Cisco InterCloud Business Edition includes InterCloud Director and InterCloud Secure Fabric. Designed for large enterprises, it enables connectivity to large-scale clouds, such as Azure to Amazon, and to service providers running the InterCloud Provider Enablement Platform.

The Cisco InterCloud Provider Edition, managed by the provider, is licensed by the service provider for use with various enterprise customers.