Discover what’s new in Made4Graph this month:


  • Added MAC button in “MAC Registration”.
  • Added integration with ERP: BEMTEVI, HUBSOFT and MKSOLUTIONS.
  • Added Zoom option on router image under “CPE”.


  • Reduction of active columns by default in “CPE”.
  • It will no longer be necessary to click the save button when selecting columns in “CPE”.


  • Fixed MAC report not showing username.
  • Fixed the client panel where it was not possible to click on the “inputs” to change the Wi-Fi information.
  • Fixed issue with Juniper Rest API history.
  • Adjusted the “Real-Time” graph so that it doesn’t return PPPoE clients that don’t exist.
  • Set default router image size to “CPE”.
  • Correction in reports.

To see all the latest updates, access our wiki through this link or, if you prefer, come and discover Made4Graph by accessing our demo version, through the link in this link.

If you have any questions about the updates, you can also contact our support via WhatsApp, E-mail or the ticket portal.